BREAKING: Colby Covington Claims he Only Lost The Decision to Usman Due to Voter Fraud

Colby Covington has claimed that the only reason he lost the decision to Kamaru Usman is due to voter fraud, it has emerged. Much like his idol Donal Trump, it could be that he didn’t simply lose fair and square to the jubilation of millions but was wronged by corruption and injustice. We went to UFC President Dana White for comment

“There have been rumours of voter fraud amongst our judges a few times in the past, and I get it. I mean look at Jon Jones’ last fight, or the entire state of Texas” admitted the UFC boss “but we categorically deny any wrongdoing on the weekend, and in the spirit of USADA investigating basically whatever they fucking want, Colby’s camp is welcome to look into this as deeply as they like”

Covington had this to say, “Me and my MAGA team conducted a full investigation into the dubious judging decision” the patriot revealed “we were shocked to discover one of the judges had been dead for 20 years, one of them somehow managed to vote twice, and one wasn’t even an American citizen” Colby said is disdain

“When we went to review the scorecards for ourselves, we noticed something was up, there were just way too many scorecards for 3 judges. There were no scorecards in my favour, but there was a total of 21,372 in favour of Usman, most of them probably mailed in by other corrupt judges as far reaching as Russia”

Despite basically every fan, analysist, judge, and person with eyes scoring the fight for Usman, ‘Chaos’ Colby Covington has, according to him, blown this whole grand conspiracy wide open “for one, Usman wasn’t even born in America. I demand he reveal his birth certificate, and documentation that allows him to work in our great country. If his country can even afford the ink and paper necessary”

“This isn’t even a racial issue” the former interim champion continued “I once had a friend who went to college with a black, but if he can’t legally prove he can work here, he needs to be deported back to Africa, and me declared champion” We went to Usman for comment, but he was too busy being a normal human being

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