BREAKING: UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes Comes Out of Retirement to Fight a Train

Former welterweight champion and UFC hall of famer Matt Hughes is set to come out of retirement to fight a train, it has emerged. The former 170 king has had a grudge against locomotives of all kinds since losing to one back in 2017 in a controversial KO decision.

Ever since, he has been on a path to redemption to avenge his loss “I still wake up every night screaming” said Hughes “I remember it coming at me, smothering me, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, it was just darkness. I felt like less of a man. But enough about fighting GSP, I’m still really fucking pissed off about that train” declared the Illinois native “It was an early stoppage, and I was still very much in that fight”

We went to conductor Stephen Williamson for comment “it was a tough pill to swallow, which is particularly impressive as we all know how good Matt is at that, but when you’re going up against a train it’s never going to be easy” revealed the industry expert “trying to go for the double leg was his first mistake, as trains don’t have legs and move through a complex system of rails and overhead lines”

UFC President Dana White had this to say “at first this idea sounded completely ridiculous, I mean Hughes can barely remember his own name, and neither can the fans. But once Amtrak explained to me how revolutionary this fight would be and how great it would be for Hughes and his confidence, it really began to make sense,” admitted the UFC boss “The $50 million of sponsorship money that they provided? I mean sure, it was nice, but again, it was mostly about how much we care about Matt”

We asked Hughes’ brother Mark about Matt’s chances “I really think the 134-ton Amtrak 7:15 LA to Vegas has the advantage here” he revealed “the only method to victory for Matt in my mind is to envision his wife’s face on the front of the train, in that scenario I think he could really beat anything” confessed the lesser known Hughes brother “failing that, he could always face early 2000s professional wrestler ‘A-Train’ sometime next year”

By Ben Nuñez

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